We are small cattery. We live in Wrzesnia - all our 4legs friends. Cats were always around us, but first MCO came to us in 2005. He was our fantastic male Antonio Cerera. He made that we fell in love with this breed...

The second MCO was – Bonifaca Boska – she entchanted us with our first look. She's proud, elegant but also gentle and loving.

Unfortunatelly 7.11.2007 our beloved Tosiek has passed the rainbor bridge, and left us with sorrow... We know that there is nothing better to help with such pain, than to givinh all our love to someone else... And then - Ice Cream Bastet Nights has moved here.

We dreamed also about a tortie MCO. We have looked for her for a long time and finally we found our dreamed kitten in Swedish Cattery S*Den Vackra. BellaDonnaMolly Svartnos appears to be head and shoulders above our expectations. She is a very beautiful cat, one that we cannot but fall in love with. Her black nose is incredible.

The next Maine Coon female in our cattery is Babet Basteria Andomidama*PL, her parents are Bonifaca Boska*PL and Baffi Agattino*PL. Babet resembles her mother and we hope that she will fill her shoes with dignity in the future.

At the beginning we have thought that only Babetka will stay with us, but later we also were not able to let her sister Bastia go. Bastia is a cat with wonderful character. We love her and we can not imagine living without her. As a matter of fact it is not only us, but also Babet, who adores to play with her lovely sister. In this simple way two kittens form our litter B live with us.

Devon Rex came here in a diffrient way. On the cat show in November, we were able to get know about DRX a bit... And we fell in love with this strange UFO cats...

Mrs Sylwia Sielicka showed us how is to be loved by DRX, when we met her and her cats. After 3 months of waiting - we went to pick our new baby - Gigi Z Gwiazd. But - she wasn't the only DRX that we took home with is - little Fergie just charmed us so much, that we decided to take not one, but two girls with us. And that is how our DRX way started...

Since a while we have considered buying a mate for our Devon Rex girls. Finally we found a cattery which interested us. We have contacted her owner and it turned out that they are expecting a litter. After few months in LV*Malsan cattery our dreamed boy – Michelangelo Buonarrati was born.

Thank You so much Ewa, Sylwia, Monika, Annelie and Irina for giving us our precious babies....

We are a member of "Felis Polonia"
FIFE member in Poland.

ANDOMIDAMA*Pl - Anna Lisiak

62-300 Wrzesnia, Poland

+48. 607 813 947
+48. 502 244 800


gg: 5009940